The commute to work just got a lot easier


Did you know that the less time you spend in traffic, the healthier you’ll be? It’s true -- studies have shown the shorter your commute, the longer you’ll live!
The convenience of simply walking downstairs to work has other benefits too. There is a wonderful freedom associated with working from home. You can run upstairs and put in a load of laundry between appointments, or take a break from the computer and enjoy a coffee on the terrace.

The Live/Work Towns of Boxgrove Village are ideal for a number of different businesses – hair salons, spas, medical offices, consulting firms, design studios ... the possibilities are endless... You will have the space and the opportunity to make a successful business thrive, all within the desirable comforts of home.

* Any and all permitted uses are subject to existing zoning approvals and or restrictions. As such permitted uses may be subject to change at the discretion of municipality or Ontario Building Code. See municipal planning/zoning offices for further details and permitted uses. E. & O.E.